New Sol Chelada Variety Pack Coming

The new Sol variety pack includes Sol Chelada, Limon y Sal and Mango y Chamoy variants, as well as its namesake lager.

Sold in key regions, the new 12-ounce 12-pack variety pack seeks to capitalize on the popularity of cheladas, with segment growth up 19% and chelada multipacks shooting up triple digits year-to-date, according to Circana multi-outlet data for the week that ended June 18.

“Flavor continues to drive growth in the chelada space, and that’s one reason we’re seeing legal-age drinkers gravitate towards Sol Chelada,” says Cara Lauritzen, senior marketing manager for above-premium imports.

In another development involving the Sol franchise, the cerveza is celebrating its partnership with Banda MS, one of Mexico's most popular regional bands, which is marking its 20th anniversary this year. Twelve-ounce cans, 6- and 12-packs of the beer’s secondary packaging and 12-packs of Sol Chelada, tout the “Sol & Banda MS” partnership.

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