Foundry Distills Vodka to Support Nebraska Student Athletes

Foundry Distilling Co., a craft spirits distiller in West Des Moines, Iowa, will introduce a new vodka brand, Cornhead Vodka by 1890, with proceeds from purchases helping to support name-image-likeness initiatives for student athletes through 1890 Initiative LLC.

Cornhead Vodka will be distributed by Quality Brands of Lincoln, a family-owned and -operated beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverage distributor. The product will initially be available in Lincoln, with plans to expand availability throughout the state of Nebraska.

"Cornhead Vodka is a premium, hand-crafted spirit that incorporates the finest ingredients and delivers subtle hints of vanilla and sweetness," says Foundry Founder Scott Bush. "We are proud to present this smooth, crisp vodka in conjunction with 1890. Why drink vodka from Austin, Texas, when you can support NIL at home by drinking Cornhead Vodka?"

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