St-Germain and Nails

St-Germain and Nails
St-Germain x MiniLuxe

St~Germain Elderflower Liqueur partnered with luxury nail brand MiniLuxe on this year's chicest seasonal offering: The St~Germain x MiniLuxe Royale Gift Set. Each set includes a 375ml bottle of St~Germain and a custom pairing of MiniLuxe's non-toxic, cruelty-free Pure Polish inspired by the St~Germain's signature holiday serve, The St~Germain Royale. Just as this Champagne cocktail is elevated by a dash of St~Germain, the striking shades in the Royale Polish Set are the perfect finishing touch to your holiday style and will inspire endless design possibilities.

"We're thrilled to be teaming up with a premium nail brand like MiniLuxe to bring some sparkle to the holidays this year," said St~Germain brand director Stacy Saltiel. "This season is all about festive celebrations, from the décor to the cocktails to the perfect party outfit. A good manicure is just like a dash of St~Germain—a small, but essential detail needed to truly make your style, or your cocktails, stand out. Our Royale Polish Set is a flourish of inspiration that will make each of your soirées feel extra special."

The shades in each Royale Gift Set are inspired by the St~Germain Royale, a sparkling cocktail made with Champagne, blackberries, and just a dash of St~Germain. The glowing gold "St~Germain" color is emblematic of the iconic elderflower liqueur and shimmering Champagne, while the bold "Soirée Royale" represents the deep navy berries that garnish the cocktail.

In addition to purchasing the gift set, those that live near MiniLuxe locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Tampa can book an appointment on Fridays and Saturdays during "St~Germain Salon Hours" to receive a complimentary St~Germain Royale cocktail with their service.

New Yorkers can also head to MiniLuxe's sister brand Paintbox to receive a complimentary Royale cocktail and custom nail art from the limited-edition St~Germain x Paintbox Lookbook, featuring designs by Paintbox Creative Director Mabelyn Alva. The hand-painted patterns are inspired by the St~Germain Royale, the elderflowers used in each bottle of St~Germain, and more.

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