Non-alc Remains Strong for Drizly

Both non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic spirits saw their high sales increases year-over-year on Drizly, the electronic ordering platform said.

In the wine category, Drizly said the Burgundian variety Aligote experienced strong year-over-year growth in February. This reflects an overall trend towards year-over-year white wine growth; white wine accounted for 30% of the wine category in February 2023 versus 28% in February 2022.

Three liquor subcategories experienced the highest year-over-year growth on Super Bowl Sunday 2023: Non-alcoholic spirits, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, and reposado tequila. Albeit from a small base, non-alcoholic spirits share grew 200% over Super Bowl 2022, indicating wider embrace of NA alternatives for many occasions (NA wine also experienced a 50% growth in share, and NA beer experienced a 80% growth in share). Reposado tequila grew 25% in share over Super Bowl 2022, underscoring continued interest in this style of tequila. The RTD cocktail subcategory experienced 52% growth in share over last year, while at the same time, hard seltzer experienced a 7% decrease in share.

Within the beer category, American-style lager saw a share increase of 18%, while IPA experienced a decrease of 11%. Echoing what retailers noted in our 2022 Retail Report, consumers reached for less expensive sparkling wine within the wine category for the Super Bowl this year. Champagne experienced a 23% decrease in share, while Prosecco experienced a 24% increase in share.

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