Patron Intros El Cielo, a Smooth, Naturally Sweet Tasting Tequila

Patron el Cielo is the first four-times distilled prestige tequila on the market, "offering a unique experience for tequila drinkers delivering an impressively rare, naturally sweet taste," said Kathy Parker, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patron. "By taking our iconic Silver tequila and expertly using a fourth distillation to develop an amazing, prestige tequila, a first within the category, Master Distiller David Rodriguez really pushed the boundaries with a distinctive process—the complexity of distilling tequila without sacrificing flavor requires remarkable talent and we're immensely proud of this bold innovation his team created."

While adding another stage of distillation is commonly misconceived as a culprit for diluting flavor, that was not the case for Patron el Cielo," said Rodriguez.

It's packaged in a sleek glass bottle outfitted with gold designs inspired by the volcanic tahona stone used to produce Patron Tequila, with other elements inspired by the agave fields and light found within the homeland of Patron—the Jalisco Highlands of Mexico. SRP: $129.

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