Tequila Don Julio's 100,000 Cincos Aid Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Tequila Don Julio is making its biggest drop yet with 100,000 Don Julio digital and paper Cincos (worth $500,000). Don Julio Cincos are digital and physical/paper vouchers worth $5 each for people to spend at a local bar or restaurant of their choice in celebration of the holiday. Here are the ways consumers can secure one:

Tune into @DonJulioTequila on Instagram: From May 1-7, Tequila Don Julio will announce on Instagram Stories when digital Don Julio Cincos will be available to be won each day. Each Don Julio Cinco may be redeemed for $5 to a Venmo• account, to use at a local bar, restaurant or liquor store of their choice.‡ Participants can enter (and win) once daily over the seven marvelous days to collect a digital Don Julio Cinco and get the chance to win a grand total of $35 to put towards their Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Stop by the Tequila Don Julio "Automated Tequila Machine" (ATM)*: New Yorkers can visit the Tequila Don Julio ATM at 182 Lafayette Street, New York, NY on Cinco de Mayo (May 5) where they can win up to 10 physical/paper Don Julio Cincos (worth $50).** A limited amount of Don Julio Cincos will be available to be won and each one dispensed from the Tequila Don Julio ATM features a special QR Code and PIN that can be redeemed to their Venmo account.

At a local bar or restaurant: be on the lookout for the Don Julio Cinco on special drink coasters for the chance to redeem $5 to their Venmo account each day (while supplies last).