Peltier Winery Debuts Wine Dispensing System

Peltier Winery Debuts Wine Dispensing System
Photo Credit: Peltier Winery

With a hotel-like key card, guests can choose a taste (1 oz), half glass (2.5 oz) or full glass (5 oz) from 24 different wines, all Estate grown and produced by Peltier Winery & Vineyards0 Acampo, Calif. Guests can dispense the wine themselves, or, a tasting room host can help guide guest wine selections and bring them to the table for a more traditional experience. Tastings are charged by the ounce and range from $2.50/oz for their fresh white wines and up to $7/oz for their 36 month barrel aged, reserve reds.

The dispensing system is also part of the winery's sustainability practice. Wine is preserved for up to 60 days in the system and kept safe from oxidation so each sip tastes like a fresh bottle. "Our wine waste has been completely eliminated. Previously, if we opened bottles on a Monday and it was a slow week, we'd have to dump them by the time the busy weekends came around because the wines were no longer showing their best. Now, we can offer all of our wines for tasting, every day, and know that they taste like a new bottle every time" says Schatz.

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