Penna. Senate Spirits Parity Bill Clears Panel

The Pennsylvania Senate Law & Justice Committee approved a bill allowing low-alcohol spirits ready-to-drink cocktails to be sold from state stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and local restaurants and taverns alongside their beer- and wine-based counterparts.

“It’s well past time we create a more level playing field for spirits-based ready-to-drink cocktails in Pennsylvania, and that’s exactly what this bill does,” said State Sen. Mike Regan, the prime sponsor. “Despite having the exact same alcohol content as beer- and wine-based canned cocktails, spirits RTDs are at a more than 10,000 store disadvantage. That hurts businesses and limits consumer choice and convenience.”

A recent survey showed consumers support greater access to these products, including in grocery and convenience stores, with 86 percent agreeing that spirits RTDs should be sold where beer and wine are available for purchase.

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