Pernod Ricard USA Upgrades BarSmarts Program

What:  The new Pernod Ricard USA BarSmarts program is aimed at current professional bartenders as well as those who want to upgrade the cocktail mixing skills.  

Features:  For a $29 fee, registrants get:

  • A robust job board, connecting prospective employers with qualified candidates
  • Diverse, best-in-class mixologists contributing to the platform including Chanta Hunter, Haley Traub, Misty Kalkofen, Jane Danger and Jack Schramm
  • Exclusive access to thought leadership content through a strategic partnership with the Welcome Conference, an annual hospitality event founded by acclaimed restaurateur, Will Guidara
  • A newly launched Spanish-language version of the program, expanding access and support for Hispanic and Latinx communities

Endorsement: "All too often, bar education programs neglect to include the foundational materials necessary to build a strong, competent bar team," said Misty Kalkofen, Director of Education for Another Round, Another Rally, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding hospitality workers. "BarSmarts is a thorough resource that ensures the entire team starts with the same primary knowledge — and has an opportunity to evolve their skills — to provide the best guest experience possible from start to finish."

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