Prepared Cocktails Up 38.6% in U.S. On-Premise: CGA

The popularity of prepared cocktails, such as High Noon or prepared Martinis is on the rise with US consumers. Prepared cocktails, which benefit from the convenience of serve in a can or bottle, experienced respectable growth, driven by an increase in TDP and RoS (both +20% vs. YA), according to CGA by NIQ’s exclusive On Premise Measurement (OPM) service

Prepared cocktails are much smaller compared to Hard Seltzer in the US On Premise, yet they are growing at a much faster rate (+38.6%) compared to Hard Seltzers (+2.3%) in the last year. Given the dollar difference, this indicates the headroom for the growth of prepared cocktails in the future.

Matthew Crompton, CGA by NIQ’s Regional Director – Americas, said: “We continue to witness these disruptive categories reshaping the beverage market as consumer preferences evolve and new brands enter the market. It's exciting to see how the dynamics in this competitive market will unfold. Prepared Cocktails is a great example of how it’s challenging other offers in this space, and suppliers need to keep these trends and insights at the forefront of their strategies to optimize and execute successfully.