Rémy Cointreau Returns to Super Bowl with National Rémy Martin Advertisement

Rémy Cointreau is pleased to announce its first national advertisement at the Super Bowl featuring the House of Rémy Martin. The 60-second spot will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVII, highlighting how teamwork and the pursuit of excellence drive us forward through a never-before-seen lens for the brand.

This year's campaign is the third consecutive year that Rémy Cointreau has advertised during  the Super Bowl and the first time on a national scale. In 2022, Rémy Cointreau aired a 30-second advertisement across 17 markets from its Islay gin brand, The Botanist, and in 2021 Rémy Cointreau made their Super Bowl debut with a 30-second advertisement in 15 markets from Cointreau, the premium French liqueur.

"This national campaign reinforces our continued investment in having our brands show up during one of the biggest sports moments of the year and is a major milestone in the growth of Rémy Martin. As a nearly 300-year-old brand, Rémy Martin is constantly evolving to celebrate collective success and a passionate commitment towards excellence," said Nicolas Beckers, CEO, Rémy Cointreau Americas

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