Remy Martin Says Its Super Bowl Ads Ranks High in Engagement

Remy Martin made its Super Bowl debut Sunday, and the spot, which featured Serena Williams, ranked 25th out of 124 ads in the game, according to EDO (Entertainment Data Oracle) ranking.  It "outperformed the median Super Bowl ad by 2.7 times.

Of all spirits and beer advertisers during the big game, Rémy Martin was the third most searched brand immediately following the spots airing, with Serena ranking among the top 15 celebrities in terms of impact for “Inch by Inch,” which is 9 spots higher than her other advertisement.

The “Inch by Inch” spot took inspiration from the iconic football film Any Given Sunday, in which the famous “Inch by Inch” speech was recited by fictional coach Tony D’Amato. The ad reinterprets this seminal speech in football history, with Serena taking her own approach to “Inch by Inch” in a way that is meaningful to her and Rémy Martin.

While Serena’s sport of choice is tennis, she credits her success to the team that helped her become who she is today, including her family, coaches and loyal supporters who all have a role to play in Serena’s excellence.

Rémy Martin’s first Super Bowl advertisement celebrates teamwork in many forms by highlighting how individuals work as part of a collective team and strive for true excellence together. To convey that, the ad paid homage to the iconic speech that changed the game in football and reimagines it with a powerhouse talent like Serena Williams so it can be applicable to many different types of teams and daily life. This speaks to Rémy Martin’s overarching “Team Up for Excellence” mission, which they’ve championed in their core values and highlighted with musical artist Usher for years, even creating a short film called “Team up for Excellence – The Film” starring Usher.

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