Remy Martin Offers VSOP Mixtape Volume 3 Limited Edition

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of hip-hop and the final installment of the brand's three-party trilogy, Rémy Martin has teamed up with storied icons and legendary mixtape DJs to unveil the VSOP Mixtape Volume 3 Limited Edition, a rare collectible that is introduced alongside an innovative A.R. technology.

The VSOP Mixtape Volume 3 Limited Edition honors the legacy of music and cognac: two cultures that share the same path to excellence and launches in tandem with immersive experiences that pay homage to mixtape music culture in the 80s/90s.

Rémy Martin will introduce the Mixtape Street Art Museum, a traveling exhibit spotlighting eight iconic DJs from five key cities across the nation, imagined by the talented illustrator, Xia Gordon. A series of mixtape events with iHeartMedia will be available to hip-hop fans through the mural's A.R. technology, and will support a marquee partnership with the "The Official Record of Hip-Hop," the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

"Rémy Martin has been linked to music for decades. With the release of this third mixtape, we are curating a new kind of vintage celebration that puts the living legacy of music and cognac culture forever at the center." said Amaury Vinclet, global executive director at Rémy Martin, adding:

"The Rémy Martin brand has almost 300 years of history. Our past enlightens the present, our future echoes the past. It's a culture of excellence that we share with music. This latest release in the Mixtape trilogy, with its vintage VSOP label, timeless black bottle and premium gift box in Rémy Martin's classic red, black and gold colors, is a wonderfully creative tribute to a shared culture – and a collectible."