Researchers Seek to Understand Allocated Wine Market

Wineries that sell wine via allocation are invited to contribute their data anonymously to a new study that seeks to understand the dynamics of the allocated market.  Participating wineries will receive early access to research findings, provide input and feedback on research topics, and be eligible to participate in conducting marketing trials to improve their offerings.

“Often, fine and luxury wineries believe they understand their allocation system’s performance, but they have little data to prove it. This research will help wine producers that use allocated offerings to better understand their business, which will lead to more efficient, and profitable business decisions,” said Peter Yeung, the wine author and member of the research team.

According to Luxury Wine Marketing and Wines & Vines Analytics, ~12% of all US wine brands deploy wine allocations as a means of offering wine for sale via the direct to consumer (DTC) channel. Prior research in this field has focused on wine club and online store-based purchases, ignoring this profitable segment of the DTC sales channel.