Rhinegeist to Launch Beer for Humans

Billed as an "Easy Hop Ale," will debut Feb. 26 at the Cincinnati craft brewery.

"We love an uber-complex, nouveau-craft beer as much as the next brewery, but there are also plenty of occasions when we just want something easy, something beautiful in its simplicity, something
any beer drinker will enjoy. With that goal in mind, we didn't overthink things and set out to create something for everyone—Beer for Humans, our self-described Easy Hop Ale. Simply put, it's craft beer made easy!" said Adam Bankovich, CCO. The beer will be available on draft, in 6-packs and in all-new 15-packs (a first-time format for Rhinegeist).

"Beer for Humans" will replace "Charitable
Suds" as an umbrella term for Rhinegeist's charitable community engagement and fundraising
efforts. Community work has been one of Rhinegeist's core brand values for 10 years, with
efforts ranging from cause-based beers, charitable Pint Nights, in-kind donations, volunteer
hours, emergency relief, DEI initiatives, and event partnerships to local membership engagement across Rhinegeist's distribution footprint.

Integrating this value with a widely distributed packaged beer will allow Rhinegeist to expand the impact of great humans doing great work in their communities by featuring and telling their stories, the brewery said. .