Rosa Mondavi's Great-Granddaughters Intro Aviana, a New Wine Line

Aviana is a new line of wines from majority woman-owned C. Mondavi & Family. Created by the five great-granddaughters of the company’s matriarch, Rosa Mondavi, Aviana is a celebration of strength, adventure and ingenuity.

“This new collection is about so much more than the wine itself – we wanted to inspire the energy and creativity that comes from connecting with friends, and the new ideas that emerge when traveling and getting out of our comfort zones,” said Giovanna Mondavi, member of the fourth generation of the C. Mondavi family. “The wines each represent a mood and a mindset, all with a dedication to giving back.”

The vivid label was inspired by a photo of Rosa Mondavi from the early 1900s, a time when the women’s rights movement was just beginning. Melding history with the latest technology, augmented reality brings Aviana to life. The interactive label, accessed through a QR code on each bottle, allows C. Mondavi & Family to speak to a new demographic. As the Aviana community holds their phone camera up to the front label, the character animates, sharing fun, uplifting messages. Right from within the augmented reality platform, fans can visit the wine’s social sites, online store, or even learn more about the winery’s charitable partner."

The winery is partnering with Equality Now, an organization calling for a more just and equal world for women and girls. Its global network of lawyers, activists, and supporters holds governments responsible for prohibiting all forms of violence and discrimination against women, both in the real world and in digital spaces. Aviana’s annual donations are specifically helping to push for equal protection, equal access, and equal respect for privacy and self-expression online.

Aviana is shipping now to retailers and restaurants nationwide and will be available wherever fine wines are sold. SRP: $19.99.

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