RumHaven Celebrates Bachel

RumHaven, a premium spirit made with Caribbean rum and real coconut water, today announced the creation of the Paradise Party Pack - a cocktail kit featuring paradise-worthy essentials to enjoy while watching the highly anticipated Season 9 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise!

As part of the brand's strategic partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, the Paradise Party Pack – a cocktail kit featuring RumHaven – gives fans the feeling of lounging on a daybed on the vibrant and eventful beaches where the Bachelor in Paradise love stories unfold.

The kit features the go-to cocktail of Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite alumni besties, Abigail Heringer and Serena Pitt, and is the perfect escape for Bachelor in Paradise fans looking to soak up the sun, the excitement, and all the unforgettable moments from the comfort of their own home.

"Knowing how passionate Bachelor Nation is, we wanted to give those fans a unique experience paired with a tropical, refreshing tasting cocktail," said Brandon Lieb, VP of Spirits at Gallo. "Together with our partners, we are excited to unveil the Paradise Party Pack - a cocktail kit that will elevate the viewing experience for this season of Bachelor in Paradise for fans."

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