Russell's Reserve Single Rickhouse Bottling

Russell's Reserve (Wild Turkey) continues to explore the impact of the aging environment with its Single Rickhouse 2023 from Camp Nelson F, credited with yielding some of the distillery's most complex whiskeys.

Built in the 1940s, the Camp Nelson Rickhouse F sits lower than its peers on the Camp Nelson grounds overlooking the Kentucky River. The airflow and wind currents coming off the river benefit the barrels aging inside, which are known to "breathe" more than most. For this reason, the rickhouse has long been a favorite in the distillery's private barrel selection program.

For Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F, Eddie selected barrels from the rickhouse's center cut - floors four and five - of the seven-story building, yielding a well-balanced yet complex bourbon with a robust, oaky flavor profile. srP:$300.

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