Sherry-Lehman's Landlord Sues Store for $3.6M in Unpaid Rent, Demands It Vacate Premises

Sherry-Lehman's landlord sued the wine retailer for $3.6 million in unpaid rent and demanded it vacate its Park Avenue store.  The store was closed by the New  York State Liquor Authority for not renewing its liquor license, but it hadn't paid its rent since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Also being sued: Sherry-Lehman's owners and former owners whose names are still on the lease.

We doubt Sherry-Lehman's owners will remove the store's furnishings.  The next step in the process likely will be for a  judge to sign an order evicting the store from from the premises, in which case the landlord will have a retailer with a proper license conduct a going-out-of-business-sale.  Or, the landlord might put the entire business up for sale as is, after thoroughly checking any buyer's finances, of course.