Splash Beverage Group’s Copa Di Vino Now Available at Alabama Athletics Events

Copa Di Vino  (Splash Beverage Group) will be the exclusive wine at University of Alabama’s Athletics Department events, which includes  NCAA football games in Bryant Denny Stadium. Through this agreement, Copa Di Vino will also be included in various broadcast and digital advertising conducted by the athletic department.

Copa Di Vino is the leading producer of premium wine by the glass in the United States. Launched with multiple appearances on the hit television series, Shark Tank, the brand is now widely recognized for premium wines without the need for bottles, corkscrews, or glass.

Robert Nistico, Splash Beverage Group’s Chairman/CEO commented, “This is a very exciting and unique opportunity for Copa Di Vino to not only see increased sales as we continue our execution in large venues, but to benefit from an association with one of the more widely recognized “brands” in the U.S.  

"The University of Alabama Crimson Tide has the largest fan base in the SEC.  Alabama football has appeared in 9 national championship games since 2009, and U of A Athletics hosts over 1.4 million spectators each academic year, including over 800,000 at Bryan Denny Stadium.  Copa di Vino, through this agreement, will be allowed to use the Athletics Departments logos and we’d note that Alabama is the #1 selling brand in college athletics.  U of A fans will see Copa signage throughout the venues.  We’re thrilled with the exposure that Copa will receive.”

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