Viña Leyda Updates Packaging

Viña Leyda, Chile’s most acclaimed coastal winery, launches a fresh new look that highlights its seaside roots.

Viña Leyda laid the groundwork for what is today known as the Leyda Valley more than two decades ago when the brand planted vineyards only four kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. Originally part of the San Antonio Valley, Leyda realized early on that the maritime influence, differences in soil, and climatic nuances were producing highly distinct wines displaying a clear sense of place. With this understanding, Viña Leyda requested the creation of an official D.O. (Denomination of Origin) for Leyda Valley to recognize its unique terroir. The designation was granted in 2002.

Leyda’s new packaging reflects the Pacific Ocean’s profound influence. “We have thoughtfully refreshed our branding by incorporating several nautical elements that help convey the coastal impact on the personality of our wines. Elements such as illustrations of the vineyards by the sea, the use of blue maritime tones, and the labels’ wavy bottom diecut all help convey the brand’s key cool coastal attributes—purity, freshness, and elegance,” explains Rodrigo Romero, Chief Marketing Officer for VSPT Wine Group, Viña Leyda’s brand owner.

“Further, all the bottles in the portfolio have updated typography to present a more contemporary aesthetic along with a QR code on the back label sharing information on how to make the most of Viña Leyda’s eco-packaging.”

In addition to updated packaging, Leyda has revised the name of their Single Vineyards line to Coastal Vineyards, which better reflects the characteristics that set the brand apart. With this update, Leyda’s four ranges include the following lines: Reserva, Coastal Vineyards, LOT and Specialty.

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