Splash Beverage Signs Distributors in Chicago, Mississippi, Georgia

Splash Beverage Group, Inc. said it entered new or expanded distribution agreements with Chicago’s Lakeshore Beverage, Mississippi’s Southern Beverage Co., and Georgia’s United Distributors.  At the same time, Splash announced that Copa di Vino will now be offered in nine Blaze Pizza locations across Southern California.

Chicago-based Lakeshore Beverage, a member of the Hand Family Companies, is well known as a premier beverage company in Chicago that has deep passion about beer, cider, spirits, and wine. The agreement ensures that Splash Beverage’s retail commitment to supply Pulpoloco in 7-Eleven stores will be well executed for the people of Chicago.  Southern Beverage, headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi, has been a family-owned business since 1939, with five distribution centers and more than 260 employees distributing to 2,100 customers across 32 counties.  Smyrna, Georgia-based United Distributors was founded in 1940 and is today the largest beverage alcohol distributor in both Georgia and Alabama.

Splash Beverage also announced that one of the nation’s fastest growing pizza chains, Blaze Pizza, will carry Copa di Vino in nine locations across Southern California.

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