Spring Break Offers Opportunities for Suppliers, Hotel Operators: CGA

With Spring Break already underway, and 31% of consumers planning to travel during the period, it’s an unmissable opportunity for drinks suppliers and hotel operators to maximise on ‘low hanging fruit’.

A large proportion of vacationers (41%) kicked back during the peak Spring Break week of 13th-19th March, followed by 24% travelling during 20th-26th March, and 17% during 3rd-9th April. Spring Break is especially popular with 21-34 year olds, with almost half (48%) vacationing, up +17% YOY. Although the overall split of family groups (39%), couples (39%), and friend groups (28%) represents several key consumer segments and travel occasions to target.

Holidaymakers are travelling domestically and internationally to a broad range of destinations. Florida is the most popular (27%), followed by California (24% overall and +7% for 35-54 year olds), Texas (19%) and Hawaii (9% overall and +6% for 21-34 year olds).

When it comes to accommodation plans, Standard Hotel Chains (33%) and Independent Rented Accommodation and Homestays (31%) are the most popular options with Resorts and Luxury Hotels (23%) both the second choice for visitors. While on vacation, 88% of consumers plan to visit bars, restaurants or similar venues with Hotel Bars and restaurants (41%), and Casual Dining Restaurants (36%) the most popular outlets to visit.

The younger demographic is showing interest in high tempo activities such as beach parties (38%), pool parties (38%), and boat parties (22%), all increasing in popularity by up to 10% YOY. 21–34-year-olds are the only age group with Tequila in their top 2 drink categories - presenting opportunities for drinks suppliers to engage this demographic and drive sales during these events.

During visits to the On Premise, Beer is expected to be the top drink category for 48% of consumers, Whiskey 32%, Cocktails 31% and Vodka 30%. Nevertheless, there are variations in the consumption habits of different demographics and understanding the various consumer segments is key for suppliers looking to cater for key demographics.

Almost 6 in 10 consumers plan to travel within the US domestically in the next three months, for leisure (70%), visiting family (42%) and on business (15%). Once again, standard hotel chains are set to benefit most, securing 48% of consumers’ top choice, followed by independents and homestays at 23%, and luxury hotels at 18%. The latter category includes a 7% uplift amongst 21s-34s, who are more focused on wellbeing and treating themselves.

“An ongoing return of consumer confidence in domestic travel, starting with Spring Break, offers exceptional scope to target the domestic leisure market. After all, it’s the norm for consumers to visit the On Premise more frequently when they’re away relaxing. When drinks suppliers are forearmed to react to category mix and venue shifts during these windows of opportunity, they can really catapult market share. What’s more, seeking synergistic partnerships with hotel chains can ensure their brands are fully optimised amongst domestic travellers,” said Andrew Hummel, client solutions director – North America.