Starward Debuts a Ginger Beer

Starward Australian Whisky launched Ginger Beer Cask #7, a distinctive single malt whisky that is described as "punchy, packed with flavor", and available for the first time to U.S. consumers via a ballot system.

Starting today, whisky fans can enter the ballot to reserve their spot for one of Starward’s most popular cask finishes. Ginger Beer Cask #7 represents the latest labor of love from the Starward Innovative Projects Program, an initiative led by Starward’s Head of Distilling, Sam Slaney, that allows the brand to experiment with their whiskies to create flavor-forward and unique expressions.

For the past seven years, Ginger Beer Cask has developed a cult following in Australia, quickly selling out of its limited run each year. With Starward being embraced globally and lauded by the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions, Starward Founder David Vitale felt it was high time to invite even more whisky fans into the fold, and show them what New World whisky-making is all about. SRP: $100.