Tequila Komos Intros Añejo Reserva

Añejo Reserva is the latest addition to the Tequila Komos’s highest-rated tequila collection.

The Añejo Reserva expression is aged for a minimum of 12 months in specially chosen barrels including French oak white wine, American bourbon, and sherry casks, and is then masterfully blended. The final touch is to aerate the tequila to make the mouthfeel softer and smoother, while adding a richness and roundness

Komos Añejo Reserva is presented in an elegant white ceramic bottle, which evokes the beauty of the Mediterranean and is designed to be upcycled.

“Komos continues to be guided by our dedication to craftsmanship and our innovative combination of winemaking techniques with the art of traditional tequila-making,” said co-CEO & co-Founder Richard Betts. “We’re proud to release this rich new expression – the result of the unique approach we took in the selection process of barrels and sherry casks. Añejo Reserva reaffirms our core belief that good living and good tequila are truly the perfect way to lean into any occasion.”

“As the importer of the brand, we at Spirit of Gallo felt it was imperative to enter into a strategic partnership with Tequila Komos given their track record of excellence in craftsmanship and innovation,” said Britt West, SVP & GM, Spirit of Gallo. “Añejo Reserva is the latest example of that thoughtfulness and attention to detail and I am thrilled to bring this to consumers and for them to experience this incredible addition to the award-winning portfolio.”  SRP: $169.99.