Stella Artois Collaborates with Card Game for Holiday Season

Limited-edition Stella Artois bottles feature peel-off labels revealing questions and thought starters from We’re Not Really Strangers to encourage meaningful connections between family and friends. Sample questions include:

  • “What’s a feeling you wish you could feel again?”
  • “What role has luck played in your life?”
  • “Who’s your comfort person?”
  • “What’s a dream that you still have?”

The “Stella Artois Conversations Bottles'' will hit store shelves in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Detroit, and additional cities across the Northeast.

“Living the Life Artois means savoring special times together and connecting over a delicious meal. Collaborating with We’re Not Really Strangers gives people a unique way to connect with those who matter most in their lives,” said Marcela Garcia, VP-Marketing for Stella Artois. “Now, when fans are enjoying a Stella, it’s easier than ever to share a meal together with a meaningful conversation.”