The Prisoner, High West Distillery Swap Barrels

High West Distillery and The Prisoner Wine Co. just unveiled their first partnership with the release of two limited-edition offerings – The Prisoner’s Share ($174.99), a blend of High West bourbon and rye whiskeys finished in The Prisoner wine barrels and Complicit ($100), a red blend aged for 12 months in a mix of new, neutral and High West barrels. Both being known for sourcing, blending and innovation, the brands joined together in a mutual barrel swap to create the limited edition wine and whiskey.

“While finishing whiskey in red wine barrels has grown in popularity in recent years, our team knew we could still create something special in collaboration with The Prisoner,” said Brendan Coyle, Master Distiller at High West. “We dove into our whiskey inventory to determine what unique lots exceeded our sensory expectations and could be used in this blend. True to High West’s nature, those lots were blended until we found the most balanced and complex expression. Blending, discovering, and innovating is in High West’s DNA, and this collaboration with The Prisoner allowed us the opportunity to create a perfect, synergistic flavor pairing.”

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