Stella Artois New Campaign Celebrates Connections Made Over Dinner

Stella Artois is building upon its successful “Make Time for the Life Artois” campaign with a new commercial and "the biggest, most fully integrated 360-campaign in more than half a decade."

“For ages, dinner served as a time for gathering and connection, and now we have grown accustomed to eating alone. In a world where we strive for connection, Stella Artois’ role as a brand to authentically bring people together over dinner is more relevant than ever,” said Marcela Garcia, vp-marketing for Stella Artois. “Throughout the course of the year, we’ll leverage the power of Stella Artois to create meaningful connections over dinner and around casual meals to become a mealtime staple.”

The new spot exemplifies how unplanned and unexpected moments can lead to fun and meaningful connections thanks to Stella Artois. The latest spot can be viewed in full here.

Stella Artois said it is maximizing “Make Time for the Life Artois” across multiple channels to inspire every consumer to connect around the table and drive conversation around meals.

The brand is launching campaigns with Yelp, Instacart, and Uber Eats. Yelp will help consumers discover nearby restaurants and bars, and encourage them to make a reservation and connect with a friend with Stella Artois. Instacart will feature Stella Artois’ “Let’s Do Dinner" hub on its brand page, encouraging consumers to add a six-pack to their grocery cart, enabling consumers to savor a delicious weeknight meal together with Stella Artois. For those who prefer to have their dinner delivered, Stella Artois is partnering with Uber Eats to elevate dinner at home with Stella Artois. Featuring an ad on the homepage, users are encouraged to stock up on Stella Artois after ordering their meal.