Stewart Cellars Sues Israeli Distiller Over Trademark

Stewart Cellars, a Napa Valley wine producer, has sued Legends Distillery, a Zanoach, Israel, whiskey producer, saying Legends infringed on Stewart's trademark name "Slingshot."  Stewart has used Slingshot since 2008.

Legends markets, distributes and sells its "Slingshot" whiskey through its U.S. website as well as in shops in Israel.  As of July 2022, Legends has sold more than 20,000 bottles of "Slingshot" whiskey in the U.S.

Legends website describes its product as "bourbon style whiskey. Made in Israel." It says the distillery is "on the site of David's legendary battle with Goliath, and find profound expression in our flagship product, Slingshot."

It says the Israeli company is "creating an eminently enjoyable American-style whiskey, the very first of its kind from this biblical region."

Legends didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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