Taste Trumps Price When Consumers Choose Wine

The taste of wine is more important than price.  That's true in the U.S., Australia and Italy.  That's the conclusion of a major new study by Armando Corsi, an associate professor with the University of Adelaide in Australia, and Liz Thach of the Wine Marketing Council.

Unsurprisingly, if a consumer tried a wine and liked it, they are likely to buy it again.  But, if a consumer didn't try it previously, Australian and U.S. consumers will rely on price, while Italians seem to be guided more by the food they are going to match with the wine.

Another factor influencing purchase decisions: recommendations from someone the consumer trusts.  Those recommendations may come from friends, family members, social media sites, wine apps or, in a few cases, wine shop employees or wine publications.

How about brand?   It was only fifth most important among 12 factors.  Awards and medals are even less important, the survey found – ranking seventh out of 12.

Sustainability certification and the ease of portion control are at the bottom of decision-making factors,  the study found.

This study, reported by Thach in Forbes, noted that other research has found that one in three consumers enter the wine category through a sweet wine offering, and  – no surprise – if it's not a pleasant experience, they won't continue drinking that beverage category.

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