Tequila Don Julio Extends Luxury Portfolio with Rosado

Tequila Don Julio, the leader in the luxury tequila category, said it is expanding its esteemed portfolio of luxury offerings with the introduction of Tequila Don Julio Rosado, a Reposado tequila that's aged at least four months in Ruby Port wine casks to impart a light fruit finish and delicate pink hue. SRP: $125.99.

Inspired by Don Julio González's innovative spirit and his love of craft that revolutionized the tequila category, the team of expert tequileros at Tequila Don Julio is continuing the brand's legacy and leadership in luxury innovation by producing this delicious, smooth tequila that will be a permanent addition to the brand's portfolio alongside its tequilas such as the iconic Tequila Don Julio 1942 and Ultima Reserva.

"At Tequila Don Julio we strive to evolve our flavor profiles and offerings to delight the ever-expanding palettes of discerning tequila drinkers," says Christina Choi, Senior Vice President of Tequila, DIAGEO North America. "We are thrilled to continue the brand's legacy of exceptional innovation and luxury tequila leadership with the release of Tequila Don Julio Rosado. Most people enjoy luxury tequila in the evening – with Rosado, we are enticing people to call up their friends to enjoy a luxury tequila drinking experience during the day time with a delicious Rosado cocktail and a fabulous elevated vibe."

This latest offering from Tequila Don Julio is debuting with a new creative campaign, created by the community, that lures you into the fantastical Rosado world. The creative will be featured across social, out-of-home and digital media. The concept for the film, directed by celebrated Ukrainian Filmmaker Tanu Muiño, is all about bringing the night to the day. A night out is designed to stimulate our senses — with music, lights, fashion, and vibes. In this campaign, the brand built a world where the feelings you get from the most extravagant night out are brought to life in the daytime.