Tequila Don Julio Launches Love Letter to Mexico

The brand releases an anthem film, "A Love Letter to Mexico" that celebrates modern Mexico and its people who live Por Amor. A magnetic invocation of Mexico's heart and soul and a visceral reimagination of the brand aesthetic and intentions. The campaign is crafted in collaboration with Mexican luminaries who harnessed their respective creativity for an homage to Mexico, highlighting its authentic and deeply powerful culture, landscape and people.

"What truly sets this campaign apart is the entirely new visual identity that we're unveiling for Tequila Don Julio on a global stage," says Guilherme Martins, Senior Marketing Director for Global Tequila at Diageo and Tequila Don Julio Brand Director. "Por Amor is not just an anthem, but an invitation to celebrate the modern spirit of the country that this brand calls home and collaborate directly with its people who live Por Amor."

"The brand's explosive growth in the US has been a result of sharing our tequila that was created out of love for craft, and this campaign is setting the stage for our next chapter," shares Christina Choi, Senior Vice President of Tequila at Diageo North America. "We've been a leader in defining luxury tequila and its culture. As we continue to share our love for tequila making with the world, we are once again defining what it means to be at the forefront of the category by partnering with Mexican creatives who demonstrate the same unparalleled drive to live Por Amor."