Truly Hard Seltzer Launches 1st Zero-G Drinking Experience

Drinkers will experience the light, fun, and refreshing flavors of Truly while they sip, float and flip at 32,000 feet in the same zero gravity environment utilized by astronauts. The one-of-a-kind pop-up Truly Zero Gravity Bar built inside a Boeing 727 "G-Force One" will bring the brand's "Lightly Fantastic" creative campaign to life, which celebrates the joyful feeling that Truly gives. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure takes off this summer.

Truly fans can enter to reserve a spot on the Truly Zero Gravity Bar by visiting and sharing why drinking Truly makes them feel 'Lightly Fantastic.' Submissions will be evaluated on imagination, originality and most importantly, their love for Truly and desire to experience the Truly Zero Gravity Bar. Five winning fans and their guests will score a reservation on the chartered Truly Zero Gravity Bar flight on August 28 from Long Beach, CA plus two-nights lodging, five-hundred dollars spending cash and a post-flight reception at Truly's home of innovation, Truly L.A.

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