Two Roads Brewing Taps Eagle Rock for Colorado Distribution

Two Roads Brewing Co., Stratford, Conn., said it is partnering with Eagle Rock Distributing Co. to distribute its products through Colorado.

"We’ve done the work to help set Two Roads up for success with refreshed, modern packaging, commitments to our core brands and investments in our team. We need strong partners like Eagle Rock to attain our plan’s goals, particularly in grocery/c-store,” said Brian Corrie, VP-Sales. “Eagle Rock is a best-in-class distributor of high-quality beer and spirits brands, and they believe fully in our brand’s potential. No doubt they will strengthen our footprint and overall visibility throughout Colorado, one of the most important craft markets in the U.S.”

According to the Brewers Association, Colorado ranks eighth in gallons produced per 21+ adult. Two Roads is the largest brewery in Connecticut and in 2021 ranked 54th on the Association’s list of top producing craft breweries.

“We’ve known Two Roads for a while and have always respected what they do. We’re energized to help them build their business throughout Colorado,” says Mike Economos, President of Eagle Rock Colorado. “We know what Coloradans want in their beer and Two Roads has it all, and then some.”

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