'Fearlessness and a Founder's Mentality'

That's why Bacardi Ltd. created a new role for Pete Carr, currently regional president for North America.  

In his new role as  executive vice president and global growth officer of  the largest privately held spirits company in the world,  Carr will be responsible for commercial excellence and strategy, route-to-market models, digital commerce, and on-trade relationships for the family-owned spirits business.

Carr "comes armed to spearhead continued commercial success for Bacardi, with a lifetime of spirits experience and more than eight years at the helm of one of the company’s largest markets," the company said, adding:  

"Pete has showcased fearlessness and a founder’s mentality throughout his career at Bacardi. Under his leadership, Bacardi introduced a new model for national spirits distribution in the U.S. and propelled investment in digital commerce in the region to power this growing channel for spirits sales."

Tony Latham, currently global Chief Financial Officer, will take over as regional president of North America. In the last three years, Latham has played a critical role as CFO of Bacardi, steering the company through the recent global challenges, and moving with speed and agility to seize opportunities that have kept Bacardi at the forefront of what’s new and next.

In his time at Bacardi, Tony has worked closely with the business in North America and is well versed with the commercial, organizational, and route-to-market aspects of the region, leaving him well-positioned to win in his new role.

Albert Vila Tarres succeeds Latham with a promotion to the role of Bacardi Limited Global Chief Financial Officer (CFO). His 12-year journey with Bacardi has taken him across the globe, having served as CFO for the regions of Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, and, most recently, North America. Albert has been a valuable partner to many Bacardi business leaders who have leaned on his expertise across markets. He will now bring his experience to the table as he oversees global finances for the company.

"We believe in investing in our people at Bacardi and growing from within. It is important that our people see a vision for their success along with that of the company," said Mahesh Madhavan, Bacardi Ltd. CEO. "We are committed to creating new opportunities for our talent that enable them to learn from and bring value and new perspective to our business. I am confident that Bacardi will continue in its path of robust growth with Pete, Tony, and Albert fueling success in their roles and navigating our teams toward critical milestones in our vision for the future.”

Latham will move to the Coral Gables, FL, office as he takes over the North America business, while Carr and Tarres will be based at the Bacardi global headquarters in Bermuda, pending authorization by the Bermuda Department of Immigration. All moves are effective at the start of the new fiscal year on April 1, 2023.