Foris Vineyards Taps Mitchell Wine for Distribution in Oregon

Mitchell Wine Group will distribute Foris Vineyards Rogue Valley AVA wines, effective immediately.  

Foris is a family-owned Oregon winery, established in 1974 by Ted Gerber.  Gerber said Mitchell is an "Oregon family operation like us and Mitchell really seems to understand the agriculture and terroir and love of making excellent wines like we do. Giving our wines more exposure among other brands from around the world is exactly what Foris needs. I’m honored Foris will be placed on a global winemaking stage with Mitchell’s fine wines from Italy, Portugal, France and beyond.”

Mitchell Wine Group was founded in 2004 by David Brown with the mission to be the best independent wholesaler of fine wine in the state of Oregon. Based in SE Portland and led by general manager, Edwin Martinis, the distributor has seen significant growth over the last decade.

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