Wyoming Whiskey's 2 New Releases Honor National Parks

Wyoming Whiskey has just released National Parks No. 3 and The Grand bourbon whiskies, marking the third iteration of its National Parks collection. The distinct Fall 2023 bourbon releases will pay tribute to Grand Teton National Park and support the park’s philanthropic partner, Grand Teton National Park Foundation in their continued efforts to preserve natural and cultural resources, and enhance the national park experience for generations to come.

This year’s release features National Parks No.3, a straight Bourbon Whiskey which is aged for a minimum of five years and is inspired by the winding Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. Also included in the release is The Grand collection, which is made up of three unique single barrel rye bourbons, each aged ten years, and deemed to be exceptional at their natural barrel strength. With the release of these two new bottles, Wyoming Whiskey will be making a donation of $150,000 to Grand Teton National Park Foundation.

National Parks No. 3 is a 105 proof bourbon with a SRP of $79.99 in select US markets.

Wyoming Whiskey’s The Grand collection is made up of three different 10-year-old single barrels that Master Blender Nancy Fraley identified as some of the best whiskey she has come across at the brand’s rickhouses in remote Kirby, Wyo. Originating from the November and December 2011 Rye Bourbon stock at the distillery, Fraley originally discovered these exceptional barrels as she was working on the 10 Year Anniversary Edition blend in 2022.

As a result, The Grand collection consists of three distinct offerings with each label showcasing the peak of The Grand Teton during the Fall, Winter or Spring. Each bottle will be sold within a beautiful wooden display box which is inspired by the peaks of the Grand Teton Mountain Range.  There are less than 400 bottles of The Grand available in select markets in Wyoming, Colorado, California and New York, each with an SRP of $499.99.

For Wyoming Whiskey co-founders, Brad & Kate Mead and David DeFazio, Grand Teton National Park plays a pivotal role in their lives. The Meads historically used parts of Grand Teton National Park land for their annual cattle drive, a vital part of their ranching business based in Jackson, Wyo.. DeFazio is also an avid outdoorsman, and visits the park year-round for fishing, hiking, skiing and more. All to say, Grand Teton is part of the Wyoming Whiskey identity which makes this year’s partnership with GTNPF so meaningful.

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