Phenomenal Spirits Offers Cask Strength Cigar Series in Rye

Phenomenal Spirits releases its new RT3 Cask Strength Cigar Series, the first of its kind in the Rye Whiskey category. The inaugural Cigar Series expression is a triple cask finished Rye whiskey individually finished in Rum, Madeira and Naranja casks and then further aged in toasted French oak staves.

“With the tremendous comeback of U.S. whiskey and specifically rye whiskey, specialty expressions, such as our new RY3 Cigar Series, are enjoying renewed interest among enthusiasts and novices alike,” commented Phenomenal Spirits Founder & CEO, Karthik Sudhir. “This expression is the first of several in the series to be released in 18-to-24-month intervals in the years to come. It is exquisitely crafted by renowned Master Distiller, Matt Witzig, celebrated for his expertise in the art of cask finish." Witzig added, “This first expression is extraordinary, setting a high bar for the series expressions to follow. We believe we have something very special that consumers everywhere will enjoy!”

Ry3 Cigar Series is currently available in California, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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