CBrands Sponsors 'Street Somm' Series

Constellation Brands partnered with modern media company Tastemade to follow Wine Expert Jermaine Stone – also known as “The Wolf of Wine” – as he travels to six U.S. culinary hubs country to explore mouth-watering eats, learns the story behind them, and finds unexpected wine pairings around every corner. The "Street Somm" series premieres Sept. 25th at 7pm on the Tastemade streaming channel.

The cities represented are  New York City, Savannah, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, and .Miami. Each episode
features a food expert from that city who takes Stone to explore its unique culture that influences its food and wine. Together, they challenge preconceived notions around elevating any dining experience with wine, as Stone shares his personal background as a first-generation American and Black wine expert.                                                                                  

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