Wente Vineyards Sustainability Audit Finds Greenhouse Gas Emissions 25% Lower Than Industry’s Leading Average

Wente Vineyards' greenhouse gas emission are less than 25% the international benchmark for sustainable, climate-conscious wineries.

That's the conclusion of an audit by Josh Prigge of Sustridge Sustainability Consulting. Wente said the results were "a resounding endorsement of the aggressive energy, water, and carbon saving measures the fifth generation of Wente family leaders have spearheaded in recent years."

This year, Wente Vineyards has partnered with Ecologi® to help further offset the winery’s carbon footprint by planting a tree for every Wente Vineyards bottle sold in April. The team is expecting to plant 20,000 trees with this initiative, which conscious consumers can track on the winery’s Sustainability page starting April 1.

In 2023, Wente Vineyards will also complete a significant packaging refresh for its entire estate portfolio, transitioning to lighter, more carbon-neutral glass for its bottles. These bottles will also feature the winery’s Sustainable Vineyard and Winery certification center-stage on all front labels to educate the consumer on ethical imbibing. This important update was championed by the family’s fifth generation winegrowers, whose forward-thinking approach to sustainability continues to push the envelope in defining how ethical practices are measured.

“Our commitment to responsible farming has always been one of the core pillars of Wente Vineyards,” said Niki Wente, Fifth-Generation Winegrower and Director of Vineyard Operations. “It was thrilling to receive our GHG audit results and see that we are surpassing the international standards by over 25% (let alone our own ambitious goals!). As proven leaders in winery sustainability, we understand now, more than ever, how important it is to maintain our aggressive approach, and ensure that our consumers are made aware of it.”

Wente Vineyards is celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2023. The estate has been celebrated for its industry-wide contributions to innovation as the oldest continuously operated, family-owned winery in the country, now owned and managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the Wente family, with women leading the charge from grape to glass.

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