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France’s Destruction of Surplus Wine Hints at an Existential Wine Crisis

This followed a move in June to spend 57 million euros to tear out 9,500 hectares of vines in the Bordeaux region. But France isn’t the only wine region facing a crisis. Last week, Wine-Searcher reported that Washington State’s wine sales had dropped more than 17% since last year. The week before that, Decanter reported that Australia’s wine exports had plummeted by a third over the past two years, in part because of Chinese tariffs and in part because of declining global demand. (Wine Enthusiast)

Kelham Vineyards is in Bankruptcy Court as Family Feud Continues

Like all family feuds, this one is messy.  Momma is trying to force her stepson out of the family business, but denies him access to the books and records.  The son goes to court, gets an order giving him access – which Momma promptly denies.  Apparently Kelham Vineyards & Winery LLC has never been self-sustaining – but the stepson says that's because it has been mismanaged.  (Wine Business)