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Good Morning, It's Saturday, March 2, 2024.

The Twilight of the American Sommelier

The job, once seen as an essential feature of any establishment serious about wine, now seems to be a luxury in the post-pandemic restaurant economy. (Eric Asimov, New York Times)

Thinking about the Box in Which we are Thinking Inside the Box

Ian Consoli of Tablas Creek Winery tells how the winery first stuck its toe in the bag-in-box waters, the the entire foot, and now is ready for a larger test. It's a great case study of how to innovate without betting the business. (Blog Tablas Creek)

A Toast to the History of Wine at the White House

There is a tradition central to the functioning of the American presidency that is frequently overlooked: drinking wine. Beginning with George Washington, presidents have used wine to welcome guests, create friendships, and toast alliances. While presidents have had individual preferences for various wines, their collective attention to wine service at the White House testifies to the long and important role of wine in White House hospitality. (Time)

For one last time: level of alcohol has little to do with overall quality or balance in wines

It is a big mistake to pre-judge a wine by its level of alcohol—something the industry often refers to as ABV, or Alcohol by Volume, usually listed in small print on the sides of wine labels. (Lodi Wine)

Got Bacon? What Can the Wine Industry Learn from Pork’s Problems?

A comparison between pork's problems, as detailed in The Wall Street Journal, and the wine industry. (The Wine Economist)

This vineyard was an insider’s secret. Can these winemakers finally make it famous?

The Halcon Vineyard has always been a wine nerd’s secret. For years, the Syrahs made from this windy, rocky site in remote Mendocino County were gossiped about in online message boards, where some enthusiasts maintained that Halcon was the finest Syrah vineyard in California. Yet despite its passionate devotees, Halcon never quite became famous beyond these insider circles. Maybe it was because the wines were priced so low. Maybe it was because Halcon is in such an unknown region. Maybe it was because the wines would often sell out, thanks to word of mouth, before they ever hit a wine shop shelf. (San Francisco Chronicle)

So, You Want to Be a Brand Ambassador?

Everything you need to know to land a wine or spirits brand ambassador position, from day-to-day responsibilities to tips for landing the job—and how much you might be paid. (Seven-Fifty Daily)

Can a wine be feminine? Gendered wine descriptors and quality, price and aging potential

Some wines and vintages are described as more feminine than others. Our analysis reveals that more feminine wines receive similar ratings and sell at similar prices are their more masculine counterparts, but are perceived as having more limited aging potential. (Journal of Wine Economics)

Dallas’ BuDhaGirl is extending its glam bangles brand to sparkling wine

Jessica Jesse founded a $20 million-a-year lifestyle brand around daily rituals and mindfulness of wearing jewelry. (Dallas Morning News)

Win Win Wine: How to Build and Broadcast an Authentic Wine-Charity Partnership

Demonstrating that a nonprofit is everything it seems to be, and establishing just how much support a winery is giving to its cause, is essential. (Wine Industry Advisor)

This glass makes beer taste better

Instead of shelves full of glassware in all shapes and sizes, all a beer lover really needs is a set of Teku glasses.. (Wirecutter/New York Times)

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