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WSWA’s solution that just doesn’t square

We all agree that keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors is a responsible thing to do. But my question is if WSWA is crusading against DTC shipping as a responsible way to combat minor access to alcohol, why is it proposing an alternative that is less safe, then the activity you choose to ban? (Irish Liquor Lawyer)

Vintners warn a wine shortage could be coming, as they try to adapt to climate change

Sweltering summers and bitterly cold winters have been hindering wine production in B.C., with one winemaker warning that climate change might be cultivating a crisis in the industry. (Radio Canada International)

Napa’s Reign as the Epitome of Wine Country Luxury Has a Formidable Rival

Healdsburg and Sonoma are no longer half-day add-ons, but full wine excursions.  (Penta)

Here's How Much a $1000 Investment in Constellation Brands Made 10 Years Ago Would Be Worth Today

The answer might surprise you. (Yahoo Finance)

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