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Five things appellations need to be successful

The first is that the appellation makes high quality, unique wines. The second, the appellation has one or more producers whose wines are of higher quality that most of the region. (Sean P. Sullivan, Northwest Wine Report).

A Salt-of-the-Earth Town That Sparkles

Farmers and food lovers mingle in Geyserville, Calif., where in one weekend, you can enjoy a 15-course meal, sample small-production wines and try on a cowboy hat. (New York Times)

Organic Farming Costs: Craig Ledbetter Offers Insight Into Fertilizers, IPM and Clients Who Prefer Handpicking

Does it cost more to farm organically? Yes. But it can be profitable, Craig Ledbetter, vice president of the Lodi powerhouse Vino Farms said.  “It is more expensive to farm this way. There is no question. We're still really trying to hone in on the exact expense and how much more expensive it is,” he said. Fertilizers and IPM are about 15 to 20% more costly. (Wine Business News)

Can Tequila Really Go Global? Diageo's Debra Crew Is Giving It a Shot

Fancy a paloma? As growth slows and the stock slumps, Diageo’s Debra Crew pushes tequila beyond the U.S. and margaritas. (Wall Street Journal)

Extreme weather and falling demand are pushing wineries into the red

According to the International Organisation for Vine & Wine (OIV), global wine production is set to fall to its lowest level since 1961 this year, hit by soaring temperatures and extraordinary flooding. Fueling that decline are expected drops of 12% and 14% in output in Italy and Spain, the world’s biggest and third-biggest producers in 2022, respectively. (CNN Business)

Anger Is What’s Driving the US Economy

A deep-seated resentment about a “rigged” system has been simmering since long before the pandemic and continues to affect consumer attitudes. (Bloomberg)

How Much Should Your Winery Spend on a Digital Advertising Campaign?

Budgeting for digital marketing can feel like a guessing game, especially if you're new to the scene. But don't worry, we've got your back. In this blog post, we'll break down the key factors you should consider and offer some practical recommendations to help you make an informed decision. So, let's dive in! (Highway 29 Creative)

Sonoma-Cutrer a Bargain Buy for Duckhorn

Merlot specialist Duckhorn buying Sonoma-Cutrer is a smart move – but a whiskey brand might have been smarter. (Wine-searcher.com)

The Best Wine Glasses

The right wine glass should inspire confidence as you swirl, sniff and sip. Wirecutter editors tested nearly 100 wine glasses to select the best ones to add flourish to your table. (New York Times Wirecutter)

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