Wild Turkey's Music Mentorship Competition Open for Submissions

Wild Turkey said its second annual #101BoldNightsMusicMentorship competition is now open for submissions.

Wild Turkey’s #101BoldNightsMusicMentorship competition seeks to find and support an emerging musical artist who has demonstrated a passion for trusting their spirit and telling bold stories through their craft. The grand prize includes a one-of-a-kind music mentorship from non-profit record label Spaceflight Records, as well as a one-hour virtual mentorship session with renowned musician Shakey Graves, to discuss and offer counsel on how to trust one's spirit and advance one's musical career.

Additional Details:

  • Emerging musical artists or bands can enter, by simply posting a video of a recent original performance on their Instagram channel, sharing their story in the caption, and tagging/mentioning @WildTurkey #101BoldNightsMusicMentorship, for a chance to be mentored by Spaceflight Records and Shakey Graves.
  • Submissions are now open through September 8, 2023.

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