Barnard Griffin Taps Winebow to Distribute In Washington State

With the addition of Washington, Winebow now distributes Barnard Griffin in nine markets, including Washington, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.

“We are honored to represent Barnard Griffin in their top market and delighted to expand our relationship with them,” said Dean Ferrell, president/CEO of Winebow. “As an organization, we’ve been championing wines from Washington State for several years now and are true believers in its excellence due to wineries like Barnard Griffin. They’re a truly devoted family of winemakers and their wines represent exceptional quality and value.”

Barnard Griffin pioneered quality wine production in Washington State in 1983. Owner Rob Griffin has been recognized as the longest practicing winemaker in the State of Washington, with more than 40 harvests under his belt. His wife Deborah Barnard assists with winery operations, and their daughter Megan Hughes serves as second-generation winemaker.