Winebow Imports Expands Italian Offerings

Winebow Imports welcomes Pecchenino, a family-run winery in Piedmont, and Podere Forte, a Demeter-certified biodynamic estate in Tuscany's Val d'Orcia, to the Heritage Division of Winebow Imports, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

"We are delighted to have these esteemed wineries join our Italian portfolio," said Ian Downey, EVP, Winebow Imports. "Both exemplify the quality and prestige of their respective appellations in addition to demonstrating outstanding sustainability and respect for the environment."

Pecchenino has been managing vineyards in Dogliani – a commune just south of Barolo – for four generations. The winery owns a total of 86 acres, mostly in Dogliani, with additional vineyards in Monforte d'Alba and Bossolasco, and have two cellars; a historical one in Dogliani and a recently built one in Monforte d'Alba to produce Barolo.

The sustainable winery follows organic farming principles that utilize natural compost and eschew the use of chemical products for weed or pest control.

Podere Forte was founded in 1997 by Pasquale Forte who visited and fell in love with the Castiglione d'Orcia area of Tuscany in the mid-1990s. The property consists of 1,235 acres, 67 of which are planted to vine- predominantly Sangiovese. The rest of the estate is home to forest land, olive groves, a botanical garden, wheat fields, traditional livestock including Chianina cattle and Cinta Senese boar, along with farmyard animals. From the beginning, Pasquale's aim has been to create a farm-vineyard which illustrates the biodynamic idea of a self-sustaining living organism.

Podere Forte is committed to crafting exceptional wines that express the terroir of Val d'Orcia. The unique winery is primarily underground allowing liquids to be moved by gravity, reducing the need for pumps and permitting the grapes, musts and wine to flow naturally. Their flagship wine, Petrucci, is made from 100% Sangiovese and comes from their best vineyard parcels. They also produce a pure Cabernet Franc and several Sangiovese-based sparkling wines.

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