Wolf Spirit Launches Mr. Pickles Gin - Named for Pit Bull Rescue Dog

Eugene, Oregon's Wolf Spirit Distillery unveils Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin - the first gin from Master Distiller Ben Green, which is lovingingly named after Ben's pit bull rescue pup. Mr. Pickles himself adorns the gorgeous green bottle which houses the carefully crafted gin made from locally sourced ingredients.
“We created this gin to honor Mr. Pickles for his loyalty, friendship, and undying love for everyone at Wolf Spirit,” said Wolf Spirit Master Distiller Ben Green. “Mr. Pickles may appear intimidating, but he is truly a warm, welcoming spirit filled with unbridled joy and I think we have done a great job in capturing that in our first gin.”
Mr. Pickles Gin opens with juicy citrus and sweet, bright herbal notes, with a slight undernote of black pepper. Soft woodland notes accompany the more traditional, aromatic pine and spice, grounded in an earthy, herbaceous base. The finish is long and smooth, allowing the flavors to continue to reveal themselves long after the gin leaves the palate. Mr. Pickles is 86 proof and retails for $34.99 SRP for a 750ml.
Mr. Pickles Gin comes in a striking blue-green bottle wrapped with an ornate silkscreened design strewn with hand-drawn white and red flowers reminiscent of a Baroque masterpiece. Front and center in an elegant gold frame is a stoic illustration of Mr. Pickles, echoing a Kehinde Wiley portrait. Mr. Pickles stands tall and proud, looking off into a Pacific Northwest setting sun… or at his dog bowl.

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