Loyalty Platform for Bev/Al Brands Launches

A new social media platform says it enables wine and spirits brands to set up loyalty rewards programs to incentivize responsible consumption during in-person social occasions, inspiring community engagement around the drinking occasion and providing the opportunity to redeem tokens for exciting brand experiences and gifts that are compliant within each consumer's local regulations.

Hotaling & Co's Fiero Tequila and Junipero Gin, along with Lyons Wine and Talkhouse Encore are live on the Glass platform. Brand challenges such as sharing cocktail photos, hosting an NBA watch party, or voting on a new flavor roll-out will allow drinkers to earn tokens which can now be redeemed for financial and social rewards.

Rewards ranging from drink discounts, to merchandise, to exclusive experiences leveraging the brands' extensive nightlife, dining, entertainment, music, and celebrity connections are now live on the platform. Stand-out rewards will include experiences like behind-the-scenes access at Junipero Gin's historic distillery, unique art event activations with Fiero Tequila, VIP event invites to the legendary Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett and more.

On leading alcohol beverage ecommerce platforms, GLASS members will be able to track brand purchases and earn rewards including free shipping or discounts. From the website to the bar to the festival to the restaurant, GLASS creates a unified platform for fans and brands to engage across the full universe of social occasions.

"We're excited to use this new platform to engage and grow the Fiero Tequila community of 'heat seekers' who rally around the spiciest infused tequila in the U.S," said Jordan Parker, Head of Marketing for the Agave Portfolio at Hotaling & Co. "The platform will help us bring our community together around the unique, social activations that Fiero has planned."

Founded by AB InBev's ZX Ventures alum, Zoe Leavitt, who partnered with blockchain expert Calvin Pak, G;ass's leadership team is poised to bring true innovation to the category.

GLASS uses a unique, blockchain-based solution to manage compliance to age- and geography-based alcohol regulations. The blockchain creates a transparent record of compliance, offering greater security to brands, consumers, and regulators.

Glass partners helping propel the platform in the web3 and blockchain spaces include The Near Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the ecosystem and development of Web3 applications built on NEAR protocol, a high-performance, carbon-neutral blockchain, Gotham Labs, and Co:Create, the most flexible, API-first community activation and rewards platform. By leveraging Co:Create's APIs Glass enables brand partners to create and manage custom loyalty tokens, which can be earned by engaging in brand challenges and redeemed to unlock exclusive rewards.

"We see great potential in building the Lyons Wine community on Glass," said Lyons Wine CEO/founder Chris Lyons. "Lyons Wine has always been driven by community and innovation, and we're excited to leverage web3 to bring exclusive rewards to our network through this platform."

"After years of working in the beverage alcohol industry and seeing the struggles brands had to build communities and loyalty directly, it's exciting to launch GLASS using the technology from such innovative partners. We're inspiring a true reinvention of how brands connect to their biggest fans," said Leavitt.

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