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Good Morning and Happy Friday, July 28, 2023

Boston Beer Shipments, Depletions, Revenue Fell, But Profit Increased

Boston Beer Co. reported depletions eased 3% in the second quarter, shipments decreased 4.5%to 2.3 million barrels, and net revenue slipped 2.1% to $6.03 million, but net income advanced 8.8% to $58 million or $4.72 a share. "As we expected, our second quarter

Marie Brizard 1st Half Sales Up 14.3$

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits reports its revenue in the first half was 14.3% higher than a year earlier.  This was driven by strong performance in France in the second quarter with fewer supply disruptions than in the first quarter. Also helping: a lower out-of-stock rate.

Bud Light's Decline Means Layoffs for U.S. Staff

Anheuser-Busch said it will lay off corporate staffers in a move to "simplify and reduce layers within its organization. The move follows significant declines in the sales of Bud Lig ht, the former No. 1 selling U.S. beer.  A-B said the layoffs won't include frontline staff such as "brewery

Only Iowans Are Moral Enough to Sell Wine to Consumers. Really?

State legislatures are known to do dumb things, but this one almost tops the cake:  An Iowa statute deems that "only a resident of this state" is deemed to have moral character good enough to be issued a Class A manufacturing permit. You know what has happened: An Oregon producer

Tennessee Wildfire Led to Winery-Distiller Collaboration

Maybe Californians are louder.  Or maybe there's just a lot more media out there, but we've been very aware of the wildfires that ravaged the West Coast – and weren't even aware of the devasting wildfires that consumed parts of the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains in 2016. Moved to help, the

Jack Daniel's Intros Anejo Tequila Barrel-Finished Tenn. Whiskey

ack Daniel Distillery introduces Distillery Series selection #11, a Tennessee Whiskey finished in añejo tequila barrels, which marry the flavors of agave and oak. The American White Oak barrels for this experimental whiskey first aged Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, then they matured añejo tequila in Mexico before returning to

Tres Generaciones Celebrates 50 Years with Launch of 'Familia Tres' Talent Collective

Familia Tres, a one-of-a-kind talent collective of world-renowned musicians, artists and tastemakers who embody the Tres Genereaciones' 'Fail Twice, Get Up Tres' mantra, an unrelenting pursuit of what gives us meaning. The Familia Tres talent collective and anniversary campaign will come to life through a series of VIP experiences that

Pepsi: Pepsi Goes Better with Rum

For over 100 years, rum and cola has been one of the most popular cocktails in the world.  But all too many people order "rum and coke" rather than rum and Pepsi. That's a shame, says Chef Kyle Shadix, CRC, MS, RD, renowned former Chopped contestant, and PepsiCo's Corporate Executive

Maker's Mark New Campaign: 'Make Your Mark'

Maker's Mark Bourbon's new global brand campaign, "Make Your Mark," which creates a singular lens for all aspects of brand building the world over as Maker's Mark pursues its ambition to become an iconic global American whisky brand, expanding on its strong leadership position in North America. "Make Your Mark"

Who & What --

Brown-Forman Corp. elects Elizabeth M. Brown (Eliza), a fifth-generation descendent of Brown-Forman foundeer George Garvin Brown, was elected to the company's board of directors, succeeding Augusta Brown Holland, who did not stand for re-election.  Eliza is also president of Dendrifund, an environmental sustainability foundation created by Brown-Forman and the Brown

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